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You will develop world-class AI applications at clients:

  • Build sophisticated AI applications. You will be working together with other specialists to build world-class web AI applications for the clients. Learn and apply full stack software development skills, including frontend / UI, backend business logic, data management and cloud deployment. All of this happens in a highly dynamic, young and agile development environment. Most used technologies: VueJS, Golang, Python, Javascript, AWS, Linux, Grafana.
  • Designing analytical databases. You will work together with other specialists to build seamless secure, and high throughput data pipelines and databases to power our fast AI applications. Most used technologies: Redshift, Netezza, MS SQL Server, Python, Airflow.
  • You will work in multidisciplinary teams to create breakthrough AI applications. Your team members will have complementary skills in e.g. machine learning, process re-engineering, stakeholder and project management, data engineering. You will be responsible for building the applications that will supercharge business processes with AI. Your team will help you define the product requirements and build the algorithms.
  • Build internal standards. As a full stack engineer, you will boost your and your teammates’ productivity through developing highly automated internal tools and standard components.


  • MSc in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Broad and solid Computer Science knowledge, including data structures & algorithms, OS, Computer Networks, databases.
  • Strong knowledge on software development standards including version control, CI/CD, testing.
  • Proficiency in back-end development (Bonus - Python or GO)
  • Basic Software pattern design.
  • Good interpersonal skills.

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  • Data Engineering & IT
  • Junior
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Lara Ploum
Mobile: (06) 4662 8051
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