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Everybody is talking about Big Data. The overwhelming quantity and complexity of data offers a huge challenge for Data Scientists. But how can you really create tangible business impact with data?

To do that, a new kind of leader is needed. A leader who is on top of the newest technologies and knows how to manage complex datasets. Who can create insights from huge amounts of data using advanced analytical techniques. A leader who can define growth opportunities and has a vision on Data Analytics. A leader who builds relationships and combines these skills to create impact at scale.

For the past 10 years, our client has raised over 200 starting analytical talents to become Data Analytics leaders. Now is your chance to be part of the next generation!

What is the position of a Data Scientist?

  • As a Data Scientist you will contribute to challenging projects from the start. You will be building meaningful, innovative and impactful analyses using advanced analytical techniques.
  • Your work is very diverse, on a strategic, analytical and technical level. From data preparation in SQL and conducting analyses in R or Python, to building presentations and convincing your stakeholders with your advice.
  • For each of the partner organizations, the focus on the different Data Science domains can differ. For some partner organizations, the job focusses more on Data & Technology skills, whereas for others the job might focus more on Analytical skills. During the application process, together with you we determine which organization would fit you best.


  • Recently graduated (MSc) with excellent results, in Econometrics, Mathematics, Computer Science or another quantitative field.
  • Analytical, curious, and ambitious. Result-driven, pragmatic and persuasive.
  • A passion for solving complex business challenges using advanced analytics on large amounts of data.
  • The drive to contribute to innovative data analytics projects in a company where Data Analytics is a board priority.
  • Focussed on personal development and eager to learn.

What do we have to offer?

  • Based on your personal strengths and ambitions, we will help you find the perfect job within the Data Analytics field, at one of our partner organizations. All of these organizations are industry leaders that have made Data Analytics a board priority.
  • A guaranteed spot in the Data Analytics Talent Program, where you will build deep, integrated skills in all four domains of Data Science: Data & Technology skills, Analytical Methods & Techniques, Business Domain Expertise, and Impact & Advisory skills.
  • A kick-start of your career as a Data Scientist through online and classroom training, analytical exchange projects in another business line or another partner organization, and personal coaching.

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Lara Ploum
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